Anti-Aging Facials

Minus 10 Rhonda Allison Signature $115 (65 Minutes)

Minus 10 Facial is all about infusing the skin with actives that will stimulate, repair, and rejuvenate skin. Actives that will firm, tone, communicate to cells to produce more collagen and give skin a luminous glow. Your skin will GLOW for days!

Epicuren Signature $115 (65 Minutes)

This extreme tightening facial uses a unique protein enzyme that stimulates cell metabolism to dramatically improve the skin's appearance. A three-step tightening mask sequence dramatically lifts, tightens, and firms facial skin, and increases textural clarity and tone. This is the perfect pre-event facial especially when you add micro-current at the end.

12 Flower $90 (55 Minutes)

Vibrant skin blooms with Rhonda Allison's 12 Flower facial. Don't let the flowers fool you - this ultra-hydrating treatment merges the strength of flower acids for moisturizing and brightening benefits with vital nutrients and powerful antioxidant support for pro-youth results that will leave skin radiant and glowing.

Double Infusion Lightening RX $110 (55 Minutes)

Refresh and renew the skin to achieve a more glowing complexion. Providing a powerful "double infusion" of H202 to stimulate and increase blood flow. This corrective facial provides much needed oxygen to depleted, dry skin, reducing pigmentation, detoxifying tissue, and brightening skin tone.

Exquisite Gemstone $150 (70 Minutes)

Gemstones radiate a life force of sacred energy to bring harmony, balance, and transformation. For the skin, they dramatically increase hydration, while sending a positive charge throughout. The Exquisite Gemstone facial harnesses the power of precious gemstones to restore the mind and body, and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it visibly lifted, refreshed, revitalized and luminous. This luxurious skin therapy activates radiance from within using microcrystal exfoliation, multiple masks. and custom-tailored serums. Throughout this ritual you will receive intentional massages with exquisite aromatherapy oils bringing the body into a state of complete tranquility.