About Us


We are professionally trained experts in the latest modalities and skincare products. Our passion and dedication to the skincare industry fuels our desire to give our clients the very best we have to offer. We believe in ongoing education for our staff as well as our clients so that we can arm you with the tools needed to care for your skin and get amazing results.

We offer a wide range of traditional spa services including facials, acne treatments, chemical peels, LED, Micro-needling, Electrolysis, wax/sugaring hair removal, injectables/fillers and massage. Just to name a few. We provide the best skincare products on the market to ensure that your home care routine is just as easy to follow as your in-clinic treatment plan.

We pride ourselves on providing top of the line customer service from the moment you walk in the door, till the moment you leave. We are here to answer your questions, brain storm, problem solve and get your skin on the right track for healing! At Freckle, you never need to feel confused and overwhelmed by your new skincare routine. We partner with you, we support you and we lead you down the road that is best for your individual skin concerns.