We use a mechanical needling device that creates micro-perforations in the epidermis to create a controled wound healing effect. In turn, it instatly results in collagen rebuilding. We infuse 99% pure marine collagen topically to induce skin rejuvenation immediatly at the epidermal layer.

Most clients experiance a 'tickling' to slight 'prickling' sensation while being treated. You'd be surprised how addicting micro-needling can be, especially after seeing the results (sterile packages of derma-needles are opened per session/client).

Long term results are best seen when building upon each other in a timed manner. A series of 6 has proven to be the magic number for seeing the most dramatic results. However, any number of micro-needling sessions you receive will give great results.

60 MINS $ 200

Freckle professional sKincare

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